Well, the demands that have been placed through the Organization for Black Struggle and other allies, they want the immediate firing of the police chief. Certainly we want an indictment of this officer. They’re asking for the governor to appoint a special prosecutor. They’re asking for the president and other folks to begin to investigate every unarmed killing of an American citizen, by the federal government, and not leave it to local jurisdictions, because local jurisdictions are proving that they are unable to do the work in an expedient manner.

They have a number of demands that are very, very powerful, some of which is the demilitarizing the police force. Standing behind me is a Humvee that I’ve only seen in the movies. And I’m a citizen of this country. I pay taxes. I teach our kids to be nonviolent. And yet they are with soldiers running up and down the street because they’re protesting. We raise the kids to be Martin Luther King. We show them all of the videos of the civil rights movement, and they are practicing the legacy of civil rights and resistance in this country. And they are being met with tactics that are only shown on TV in other countries who are struggling to become a democracy. It is outrageous.

And the president should be ashamed it’s happening on his watch. Eric Holder should be ashamed it’s happening on his watch. This governor should be ashamed it’s happening on his watch. This mayor should be ashamed it’s happening on his watch. Every adult in this country should be ashamed that African-American children are being terrorized by adults in the United States of America that claims to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Pastor Michael McBride of The Way Christian Center in Berkeley, California, on Democracy Now

(H/T XoxDawit AfeworkXox)

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I am taking up a collection to help provide food and supplies to those on the ground in Ferguson. If you would like to contribute to help supply protesters with food and supplies like these, you may send contributions in any amount via paypal to l_msmith2011@yahoo.com

Funds will be transferred to…

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The number of white people and people of color who are currently attempting to maneuver the conversation in a way that ensures the justification of Michael Brown’s death by the hands of a police officer astounds me.

What astounds me even more is their suspicion toward and distrust of people…

I’m pissed.



Distraught and disgusted.

And I’m not in a place to process this aloud.

I can’t.

I break out in hives.


So as it stands right now, I am a breathing example of what happens to a dream deferred.

Ebola ain’t got shit on this.

It’s not everyday I’m greeted with live #music on Marta. Happy hump day, indeed. #elevate #uplift

Me and one of my #Eid presents: a #hulahoop for grown folx.

Before today, waist hooping did not happen for me. BUT thanks to some genuine friend-couragement from my ommie, @tishushu, I GOT IT!!!

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This time last year…#selflovephoto #selfie #blackwoman #naturalista #locs #knots

The last 10 days of Ramadan are full of Divine Mercy and Grace. I’m grateful for this time of the year no matter how raggedy my Ramadan is because of the fact that I feel like this is when Allah’s Mercy outweighs Allah’s Wrath. I wish there were more I could say about this because the situation in Gaza doesn’t feel like a manifestation of that Mercy. Same re: the missing Nigerian girls, or any number of messed up global crises that are running concurrently.

I told a friend of mine that when I want something to happen, I pray for it. She was like, “That’s it?”

I was offended because I was like what more do I need to do. I pray and then I walk away, right?

That’s what I thought for years until very recently.

There is something to be said for action. There is something to be said for using whatever you have at your fingertips to make someone’s life better. Prayer is great, but I am learning as I round out my 30s that prayer is a great starting point.. .but it’s not the finish line. I wish it was. God knows I wish it was.

So I’m making the intentions to fast these last few days cand bring in ‘Eid with God-consciousness and action.

i hope and pray that y’all’s home stretch is full of mercy and love and wonderment. Allah shows you yourself every Ramadan. And we have that time in between the appearance of this month to work on what we see. There are some things I’ve wanted to work on for the last half dozen Ramadan’s at least. And I think I’m finally close to ready.

Ramadan Mubarak y’all.

Amir made me a shower and he made @momoftheprince a bath. The difference is mine has pieces that stand up and hers didn’t. #family

Sometimes I want to change the title of this blog to untitled.

Sometimes I want to go back in time and change some things that would allow me to still have access to my myspace and first facebook accounts.

Sometimes I want to live more than I want to write about it. I feel hyper connected sometimes and i just really want to disconnect.

Sometimes I want to curl up in a ball and smell my momma.

Sometimes I want to curl up in my wife’s lap while she tries to do my hair.

Sometimes I wish my mom would give my wife a chance. They’d get along well but my mom isn’t there yet so.. just like I want to be respected for where I’m at, I have to let her be where she is….but I miss her.

Sometimes I wish things stayed the same… or that things changed in the same way each time.

Sometimes I want to eat an entire cheese pizza.

"I’m gettin’ tired of the drama- bossman said he would fire me. I told I would gladly do the honors so I just quit, cause this work shit got my dreams on pause like a comma."

Phonte of Little Brother
“Two Step Blues” The GetBack (via life-via-fo-eyes)
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Ramadan can be difficult and strenuous and anxiety-causing for many of us even if we’re looking forward to it. But this year, I have found some things about it that really really had me looking forward to it. Excited even. Overall, I’m trying to consciously be a Muslim, one who submits to God’s…

Day 3 #getonyourhands
The best of multiple #crow attempts and the last one w me laughing is my attempt to extend my legs. Not bad for someone new to this crow life. 😋

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Day 3 #journeyofself and my #UpwardSalute aka #StandingBackbend (I think that’s right)

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Day 1 #independencearmy: #pyramidpose #downwarddog #adhomukhasvanasana

I actually did this pose at least a dozen times yesterday but neglected to capture it so here is one of the instances from today.

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