College Conspiracy (by InflationUS)

Ok. So this is a video that reeks of privilege. There are NO POC in this video. And the statistics are hilarious. 

The tax payers will be forced to bail out students “who dont spend the loan money on school stuff.. they do things like buy cars and pay bills”
"Any high school senior who has 30K saved up for college, would be better off investing it in physical silver"
My personal favorite… the dentist who makes $80K saying she would have been better off not going to college.. and just getting a job @ McDonalds!!!
"Everybody can’t be a college graduate, somebody’s gotta grow the food!"
"Who’s going to school to learn how to drill oil, mine gold and silver?"
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Hyper-intellectual, spiritually sexual, woman lover, womanist, lover of love.. .I could go on for days. In the end, I'm a grown woman who has finally decided to love unconditionally.

As I step back and notice what I am drawn to... I see myself loving Muslim, Queer, comedy, racial minority, woman, music, love.

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